Appnexus Auditorium

New York, NY
Habjan Architecture + Interior Design

AppNexus Auditorium seats 300 people, and is used for staff meetings, presentations, product launches and even private music concerts. The multi-use space also has seven remote controlled cameras and three video projectors that are used for teleconferencing and during presentations.

Studio T+L designed a stage lighting system comprised of 60 individually controlled LED fixtures and 12 incandescent fixtures, including projectors for corporate logos. The rear wall is illuminated with 4-color LED striplights. The control system for the room holds over two dozen presets that also control the house lighting, and is user configurable. Together, the LED fixtures and the control system give the in-house AppNexus team unlimited flexibility in their use of the stage and auditorium.

"You did a FANTASTIC job on AppNexus in regards to accuracy, knowledge, communication, and achievement of the very expedited schedule –
especially considering what was undertaken."
Jonathan Fidge, Project Manager, Gardiner & Theobald Inc.