Levoy Theatre

Millville, NJ

Renovating the Levoy Theatre updated all of the 100-year old theatre’s systems and interior finishes. The proscenium was moved 12’ downstage to provide a larger stagehouse that was outfitted with over 50 double-purchase line sets, 300+ dimmers, 200 stage lights, stage drapery, and an orchestra pit lift. New dressing rooms and a green room were built below the stage. The suite of dressing rooms is connected to the stage in three locations - stage left, stage right, and upstage. The floors of the orchestra and balcony were re-pitched to improve sightlines, and the aisles were reconfigured for improved access and ADA compliance.

"Studio T+L has proven to be an excellent choice for the Levoy Theatre."
Lauren Van Embden, Chair of the Levoy Preservation Society

"Jason 'knows' theater design. He brings a wide range of experience in all aspects of planning and designing theaters. His knowledge of lighting compliments and makes him a well-rounded consultant that helps insure a successful project."
John Ruiz, Principal at R2Architects


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