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Our Theatres Work!  From the first idea for a new or renovated theatre to the opening night gala, we collaborate with our clients to design superb spaces that meet their artistic and operational goals.  Everyone on our staff began their careers designing stage productions. Over the years we have used our deep understanding of how theatre is made and how theaters work to design facilities that thoughtully support artists and their performances.  Our theatre consulting projects include:

  • Professional theatres
  • Community and semi-professional theatres
  • Pop/rock concert venues
  • Recital halls
  • High school and university pre-professional theatres
  • High school and university multi-purpose theatres
  • Black box theatres
  • Corporate auditoriums
  • Television studios
  • Feasibility studies

Theatre Planning Services

The early part of our work involves getting the building right.  We spend a great deal of time working on the size, shape, adjacencies, and infrastructure of every space in the building, both back stage and front of house.  We start with the stage and house by looking at the performer/audience relationship, and work outward.  We create drawings and write reports to keep the entire team informed of our work, and to confirm that we're meeting the owner's expectations.

  • Architectural feasibility studies
  • Facility programming, space planning and allocation, critical adjacencies
  • Budgeting
  • Analysis of Stage/Audience relationship
  • Seating layouts and sightline studies
  • Stagehouse planning and design
  • Backstage planning and design, including dressing rooms,rehearsal rooms, scenery and costume shops, storage and loading docks
  • Front of house planning, including ticket booths, coat rooms,concession stands, and other audience amenities

Theatre Systems Design + Specification

Once we understand the types of productions and the needs of the users, we turn our attention to the systems that support the productions.  We design, draw, and specify the systems, and provide the architect and engineers with information they need to integrate our work into the building.

  • Seating layout and seating systems
  • Manual and motorized rigging systems
  • Orchestra pit and stage lifts
  • Orchestra shells
  • Stage + architectural lighting control systems
  • Stage lighting fixtures and accessories
  • Stage and acoustic drapery
  • Repertory lighitng design

Are you thinking about building a new theatre or renovating the theatre you're in? Click Here to learn more about working with a theatre planner.  Or, give us a call at 718.788.0588.  We're always happy to talk about theatre!


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